Rock Drill Bits

As the world changes,our values remain the same.With 23 years of focusing on tungsten carbide and tungsten carbide tools.Carbide button and steel is the most important for rock drilling.

The spherical tooth series bit has a long passivation life cycle, and its non-grinding life is about 5-6 times that of the same diameter blade bit bit. It is beneficial to save auxiliary man-hours, reduce workers' physical labor and speed up engineering.Therefore, the taper connection and threaded connection button bits of different diameters are widely used in all kinds of hard and brittle rocks with drill rigs for rock drilling..Swedish engineering and technical personnel believe that the combination of button bit and hydraulic rock drilling rig is a good match for modern rock drilling technology..

In the past 20 years, the domestic and foreign button bit series have developed rapidly. With the rapid perforation of hydraulic rock drills, the goal of saving auxiliary man-hours for rock drilling and increasing industrial drilling speed has been achieved..

Compared with the traditional chip bit, the cylindrical bit has the characteristics of long grinding cycle and fast drilling speed.Mainly divided into the following categories:
1.DTH bit
The down-the-hole column tooth bit is a kind of drill bit used in conjunction with the down-the-hole impactor. It is used for drilling operations through splines and impactors. It is widely used in open-pit mines, quarries, hydropower projects, and drilling of water wells. , Excavation side pillar support, etc.It is divided into: low pressure DTH column tooth bit, medium and high wind pressure DTH column tooth bit.The down-the-hole cylindrical bit is used in conjunction with the down-the-hole impactor, which has the characteristics of straight drilling, high speed, and deep drilling.So it has been widely used in recent years.
2.Threaded connection column tooth bit
The threaded connection column teeth are mainly used with hydraulic rock drills (or pneumatic rock drills) and hydraulic drill rods (air drill rods). Through different forms of threads and drill rods, drilling operations are carried out. The diameter of the drill bit is determined by 32-203mm, mainly used in the mining of underground mines, open-pit mines, blast furnace openings in steel mills, etc.Fast speed and easy grinding.
3.Taper connection column tooth bit
The taper connecting column tooth bit is mainly used in conjunction with the pneumatic rock drill and the taper rod. It is connected with the drill rod through the taper to perform drilling operations. It is mainly used for secondary crushing in mines and anchor rod support. DHD360 DTH Drill Bits Protection, roadway excavation and other fields.

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Coated cemented carbide currently represents 80-90% of all cutting tool inserts. Its success as a tool material is due to its unique combination of wear resistance and toughness, and its ability to be formed in complex shapes. Coated cemented carbide combines cemented carbide with a coating. Together they form a grade which is customized for its application. Cemented carbide is a powdery metallurgical material; a composite of tungsten carbide (WC) particles and a binder rich in metallic cobalt (Co). Cemented carbides for metal cutting applications consist of more than 80% of hard phase WC. Additional cubic carbonitrides are other important components,Tungsten Carbide Rods especially in gradient sintered grades. The cemented carbide body is formed, either through powder pressing or injection moulding techniques, into a body, which is then sintered to full density.

tungsten carbide bars
Grade Equivalent
to ISO 
Performance & Applications
ZC01 P10-P20
TiC-TiN Semi-finishing and finishing of steel, steel castings and alloy steel, also for cast-iron and other short chip materials.
ZC02 P05-P20
TiC-AL2O3 Supper finishing & finishing of all kinds of materials.
ZC03 P10-P35
TiC-TiN Medium finishing of steel, steel castings ,cast-iron
ZC05 P05-P25
TiC Suit for semi-finishing and finishing of steel, steel castings and stainless steel.
ZC06 P10-P25
TiN Semi-finishing & finishing of steel, steel castings, alloy steel and cast iron.
ZC07 P20-P35
TiC Drilling of steel , steel castings and austenitic stainless steel.
ZC08 P20-P35
TiN Semi-finishing and light roughing of steel, steel castings, alloy steel and cast iron.