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Vietnam in South East Asia has equitable distribution of agricultural resources and mineral deposits. If rice, tea, coffee, rubber, and soybeans constitute the agricultural resources; crude oil, coal, tin, iron ore, copper, and tungsten make up this country's natural reserves. Vietnam procurement is an interesting mix of agricultural products, mineral resources, and manufactured goods. The terrain of Vietnam has contributed to this magnificent combination of products this country has for global procurers. Agricultural products of Vietnam Relief of this South East Asian country comprises Red River and Mekong River deltas in north and south respectively, central Annan Highlands, and mountains in north and northwest. It has a coastline of nearly 3450 km. Climate of this nation being totally tropical, it is hot and humid during most part of the year. Crops typical of tropical region such as rice and sugarcane are cultivated in flat lands in and around the deltaic regions. The hill slopes of north and north west are suitable for growing tungsten carbide china tea and coffee. Among the cash crops grown in the flat lands are rubber, pepper, peanuts, cashews, and soybeans. Vegetable and fruits are also grown widely, but completely used up for domestic consumption and as raw materials for agro-industries. The extensive coastline of nearly 3450 km is used for development of fisheries. Catfish, shrimps, prawns and lobsters are the principal seafood exported to world markets. Poultry farming is another vital primary economic activity of this Asian nation. Agricultural Industries in Vietnam Food processing, rubber goods manufacturing, and tea processing are important farm-based industries of this country. Though cotton is not widely grown in Vietnam, garment manufacturing is an important industry, and there is substantial demand fro Vietnamese garments worldwide. Coffee is an important item of export. Timber is grown extensively in the woods of this nation and wooden furniture are exported regularly to international markets. Seafood is a vital item of Vietnam procurement as are leather products. Natural resources and their exports Crude oil is the most significant of naturally occurring minerals of Vietnam. It accounts for over 22 percent of the economy's export earnings. Together with crude oil, there are vast reserves of natural gas. However, with domestic demand very high, not much is left for exports. Other minerals found in abundance include coal, tin, copper, chromium, manganese, iron, and tungsten. Bauxite, nickel, titanium, lead, zinc, and rare earth metal exist in handsome quantities. Next to oil, coal is a major revenue earner for this country. Industrial exports There is a sustained demand for electronic goods manufactured in Vietnam, particularly mobile handsets. Machinery items are also manufactured and exported to different corners of the globe. Garments of this Asian country is of superior quality and exported worldwide. Footwear is another vital item of international trade. Vietnam procurement has now opened up considerably after unification of its Northern and Southern parts. The country is now following a more open developmental pattern by involving multinational companies and inviting overseas countries in establishing trading and investment relations. Related Articles - Vietnam, procurement,

They’re out of school and back to torment the neighborhood this summer. You remember the days. Boredom is a common thought, even with all the stuff to do. Mow the lawn, go to baseball games, and hang out with friends. How unpainted teardrop ice can they be bored?It is really not that tough to find things to do, but it seems like a lot of work just trying to find them. What could the kids do that will actually make them learn something? Just because they are out of school doesn’t mean they have to shut their minds off.Scrapbook Your SummerSummer is a time for having fun with friends and enjoying the finer things in life. There are trips to the beach, the amusement park, and the ballgame. Memories will be had by the minute. Preserving the memories is crucial. The boring rainy days will no longer be mind-numbing when there is scrapbooking to do. With all the pictures you are going to take, there must be a cool place to store them.Sharing the summer memories is fun, but most importantly, it is a way to recall those memories in the future. It’s fun to look back on past summers and laugh at the fun times with friends and family.Stamp for Fun, Stamp for YearsIncorporating relevant rubber stamps into the scrapbook will make the project to another level. Personalizing you memories is what will make your scrapbook different from all the rest. There are rubber stamp ideas for any theme that you can think of. Baseball stamps help you preserve the ballgame memories, while fish rubber stamps will aid in the conservation of fishing trip memoirs.Stamping is a hobby that can be enjoyed by all ages for all the years to come. Whether you are creating scrapbooks for photo memories, specialty envelopes for a cocktail party, or crafts for the grandkids. Getting your children involved in stamps and other fun hobbies will not only be fun for rainy days, but will a hobby that they can take with them for the rest of their lives.Crafting teaches patience, problem solving, and determination. Working with your hands is not something that can be taught, it must be learned through trial and error. There are not many things that the whole family can enjoy, but stamping and crafting is fun for all.About the AuthorRobb Ksiazek is a successful author and publisher for Checks-4U.com. He has researched and written hundreds of articles and can simplify your online search by recommending merchants for the best value and selections in business or personal checks, address labels, rubber stamps and envelopes.

The city is known for its grandeur and spectacular sights and must feature in your itinerary if you are planning to visit this beautiful country. When in Abu Dhabi, you are actually spoilt for choice when it comes to activities and sight-seeing around you. There is tons of stuff you can do and simply fall in love with this amazing place. Here is a list of must-see views that you simply cannot miss while in Abu Dhabi.

Ferrari World

This theme park is certainly one of the best in Abu Dhabi and ideal for those wishing to experience thrill and adventure of Formula One! Children and adults alike can have great fun driving on different tracks while adventure lovers can check out the Flying Aces rollercoaster. An amazing collection of Ferrari cards is an added attraction. Look for Musafir Offers and buy air tickets to Abu Dhabi at best prices with this portal.

Sheikh Zayed Mosque

Made of pure Macedonian marble, this pristine and mammoth mosque was built by Sheikh Zayed and is one of the most popular sights to be seen in this city. Exquisitely designed with Mameluke, Ottoman and Fatimid influences, the mosque is one of the grandest representations of Islamic architecture. Intricate glass work, mosaic tiling, fine carvings, make this place a visual treat that took 20 years to construct, making the largest in the?mosque in UAE. Book tickets online through different travel websites and portals for Cheap Flight Deals if you are planning to visit Abu Dhabi.

Dalma Mall

This is for all those who love to shop! Abu Dhabi is one of the best shopping destinations in the world and if you are in this city, this destination is must-visit for sheer experience. With more than 400 retailers, entertainment zones along with amazing food options of all kinds. Latest fashion brands, newest electronics, you are sure to find something you love here.

Yas Island

If you are looking for one-stop entertainment in the UAE capital, then Yas Island is where you ought to head to. You can reach this man-made island through road, air or water and engage yourself in a wide variety of activities here. Luxurious beach resort, thrilling rides at the Yas Waterworld, live music, view Cheap Tungsten Weights China spectacular 360 virtual tour, mouthwatering food, and this island offer countless opportunities for unlimited fun that you actually need to check out. Check out Cleartrip Flight Offers for a pocket-friendly Abu Dhabi trip.

Capital Gate

An architectural wonder, this skyscraper dominates Abu Dhabi’s skyline. Standing at 160 meters with 35 floors, this is the one of the tallest buildings in the city and an important part of Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre and is also the world’s furthest leaning man-made tower. This sight is certainly one of the must-visit sights in this amazing city for sure.

Abu Dhabi is a city and must feature on your bucket list if you have visited it yet. Whether for work or fun, with the?family or friends or simply alone, make the most of your trip to this city and come back longing to get back over and over again!